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Sarah Oliver, Principal

Sarah spent her childhood surrounded by exquisite design at her family’s four generation antique lighting business, Denton Antiques, in London. From an early age, she learned about proportion and scale, finding the perfect objects to complete the room, and the captivating details in fine art. She accompanied her father to the top sales rooms in London, to estate sales around the country, and scoured antique markets and shops for hidden treasures. She then worked at the Victoria & Albert Museum where she immersed herself in its exceptional collections and architecture, before moving to New York and working alongside top events designers running major arts benefits at Lincoln Center.

Sarah’s life between New York City, upstate New York and London, as well as her many international travels, are reflected in her work. She revels in pairing antique and vintage pieces with contemporary design, using color and texture to create the perfect balanced space, and finding playful objects to lighten the mood of a room. Sarah has also extended her portfolio to include designing exterior spaces, creating outdoor ‘rooms’ for summer entertaining and relaxing, and planning striking gardens by bringing together a rich combination of native plants with structural landscaping.

Partnering with clients to transform and elevate their spaces, Sarah helps them to realize the homes they had imagined but didn’t know how to achieve. She loves the journey of this very personal relationship, responding to the needs and desires of the client and their space, developing ideas together and often introducing them to specialized artisans to complete their vision.

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